Brighten Up the Bathroom

Hire America Maid Clean for thorough bathroom cleaning in Sacramento, CA

Cleaning the bathroom isn't anyone's favorite activity, but it's got to be done. Thankfully, America Maid Clean can handle the job for you. Our owner has 30 years of experience cleaning homes in the Sacramento area and is on-site for every job. When you need exceptional cleaning service from an insured company you can trust, look no further than America Maid Clean.

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3 tips for keeping your bathroom clean all the time

The cleaners at America Maid Clean will come to your aid as often as you need us to. Here are a few tips to keep your bathroom clean and fresh between professional cleanings:

  • Keep disinfectant spray or wipes handy to clean up messes as soon as you notice them.
  • Keep bar soap in a dish. Unprotected soap can leave hard-to-clean stains on your porcelain.
  • Take some time to straighten your shower curtain, towels and toiletries.

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