Spruce Up the Family Room

Schedule regular carpet cleaning services in Sacramento, CA

Keep your living room looking spotless and comfortable. The maids at America Maid Clean offer weekly, biweekly and monthly cleanings throughout Sacramento, and you can tack on a more intense deep carpet cleaning to your appointment as needed. Reach out to America Maid Clean ASAP to schedule a carpet cleaning appointment at your home.

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3 reasons to have your carpets deep cleaned

Cleaning your carpets regularly keeps your home looking great and adds to its value. Here are three reasons to schedule a deep cleaning at your house today:

  1. Deep cleaning gets rid of stains that are hard to get out with simple vacuuming.
  2. Deep cleaning extends the life of your carpets.
  3. Your guests and family will be happier in a room with clean carpets.

What are you waiting for? Call 916-207-0773 to schedule deep carpet cleaning at your home in Sacramento, California.